DigiOut™ is a high quality three-layer outer coating with excellent weather resistance.

The launch of our proprietary DigiOut™ was preceded by several years of trials and testing in collaboration with laboratories of leading chemical component manufacturers. The result of our work is an innovative solution that allows you to freely create the appearance of facades and other external walls. DigiOut™ can be used for new and existing facade coverings. It is perfect as a finishing touch for thermal insulation systems and for all other exterior plasters. The system will also prove to be an extremely resistant decorative coating for the interiors of residential and public buildings.


  • facades and facades
  • fences
  • winter gardens


DigiOut™ is a three-layer application, supplied in collective packaging containing:

A properly made decoration is resistant to UV radiation, moisture, smog, frost, etc. An easily washable satin gloss coating protects and decorates facade walls for many years. Ease of installation, crack coverage and easy maintenance are just some of the advantages of our DigiOut™.


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2. delivery date up to 14 working days from the date of payment posting + shipping time 3. delivery to the indicated address with a courier company


1. Before any installation works, please read the detailed DigiOut™ installation instruction accompanying the product. The installation surface must be flat, compact, dry and free of grease or any other lose elements. Cracks and losses of plaster must be filled with appropriate filling designed for outdoor applications. The surface should then be primed with a water-resistant priming preparation designed for outdoor application. Reference product: CERESIT CT 16 white or any equivalent product by a renowned manufacturer.

2. outGLUE – apply the adhesive using a short-pile roller onto primed and dry surface. outGLUE should be applied evenly, in sections needed to install a single RIVEST panel. Do not apply outGLUE to excessive area. This may result in its drying before installation of RIVEST panels and thus in its excessive consumption. Once all the RIVEST panels have been glued, apply a thin coat of outGLUE onto the entire surface. This action can be carried out without waiting for the adhesive to dry fully.

3. RIVEST - the panels are delivered in the following dimensions: 100 cm width and up to 350 cm length, depending on the size of the area to be covered. The panels are ready to butt vertically and horizontally on the edges. The number of panels supplied depends on the size of the wall onto which DigiOut™ shall be applied. After bonding, each panel should be pressed against the background with a wide rubber roller or a short-pile roller. The material of the RIVEST panels is perfectly air-permeable, so it is enough to press the whole surface with the roller to make the panel fit perfectly onto the surface. Please pay attention to avoid non-sticking sections or air bubbles. This action should be repeated for each RIVEST panel, observing the appropriate installation sequence presented in INTRO enclosed with each order.

4. VERNIC - a two-component laminate that protects the DigiOut™ surface from the UV radiation and the negative effects of weather conditions. Components A + B should be mixed thoroughly in a clean vessel for at least 2 minutes. One charge of the mixed laminate is sufficient to cover 10 m2. For larger areas, each next portion of the laminate should only be prepared after the previous application has been completed. The working time of the mixed laminate is about 25 to 40 minutes, depending on humidity and ambient temperature. After this period, the processes of bonding and curing of the coating begin. During the initial setting, which takes about 3 hours, no corrections or adjustments should be made to the VERNIC laminate application. Inaccuracies can be corrected after the period of initial curing. Apply the VERNIC laminate with a good quality flock or sponge roller. Using poor quality tools, e.g. rollers which lose hair, can permanently damage the quality of the DigiOut™ surface.