All our designs, from each collection can be prepared as wallpapers for wet rooms in the DigiWet™ technology.

It's an innovative solution developed jointly with an Italian cooperating party. The technical coating with print in this system is a material with a roughly braided jute structure. The graphics are printed in high resolution, with perfect colour reproduction. The DigiWet™ coating is resistant to moisture and direct exposure to water, therefore it can be used without problems even in shower cabins. It's a system adapted for application to any type of waterproofing.

NOTE: The DigiWet™ technology in the presented version does not constitute waterproofing. In any case, it is imperative to follow the rule that the properly made waterproofing must be a uniform coating on all protected surfaces, with particular emphasis on the wall-floor joints and wall corners.


W związku z nadchodzącymi świętami Bożego Narodzenia informujemy, że zamówienia złożone do 13 grudnia 2021 będą realizowane w normalnym trybie i zostaną wysłane do 23/12.

Zamówienia złożone po 13 grudnia 2021 mogą mieć wydłużony czas realizacji - nawet do 21 dni roboczych.

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